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Dear Hyruleans,

Recently with the arrival of the vaults, more and more of you have been asking questions about how the APR and APY work. So, we decided to make an article about it to explain you how it is calculated.

What are APRs and APYs?

APRs and APYs are short for ‘Annual Percentage Rate’ and ‘Annual Percentage Yield’. This means that APRs refer to the annual rate when you borrow or earn money. …

Dear Hyruleans,

Today we propose you a content a little bit different from usual. Indeed, recently many of you wanted to know more about the artist who created the NFTs. So we decided to interview him before you can better understand his background and inspirations!

without further ado, here is the interview:

Could you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m a young motion designer and I finished my training not so long ago. At the moment I’m working in a big group in internal communication as a graphic designer and video editor.

What is your job like?

I answer to the request…

Dear Hyruleans,

Recently we made an article on our medium blog to tell you about the hack that affected the uranium project, a yield farming platform on the BSC, this weekend we also saw another DEFI platform hacked, it is spartan protocol.

The Spartan Protocol is platform intended to provide incentives for deep capital formation in liquidity pools with sustainable creation of synthetic assets on the Binance smart chain (BSC). This platform was the victim of a flash loan attack last Saturday and the hackers were able to steal more than $30 million from the platform’s liquidity.

Flash loans are…

Luis Merino| Satoshi Club:

Hello SatoshiClubbers and welcome to another AMA session with us. Our guests today are from HyruleSwap.

Kaeporae Gaebora, Skull Kid and Great Deku, you are welcome. It’s a pleasure to have you here 😊

Skull Kid:

Hi all 👋

Luis Merino| Satoshi Club:

Kaeporae Gaebora:

Great! Very excited

Luis Merino| Satoshi Club:

Nice to hear 😄

Skull Kid:

Great to be here, thank you for the invitation

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:

It’s an honor for us to have you here👏

Luis Merino| Satoshi Club:

So, as a beginning, can you please make a brief introduction…

Dear Hyrulians,

As you know for sure, has been recently hacked and several tens of millions of USD have vanished. Many people were worried and wondered about the reasons of the problem, so we decided to make an article about it :)

What happened?

Uranium Finance, an automated market maker platform (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain, has reported a security incident that resulted in a loss of about $50 million.

In other terms, the V 2 code was exploited by an attacker who transferred $50 million away from the LP funds into a swapping platform and specific wallets…

Dear Hyruleans,

As you probably know PancakeSwap has recently migrated to their V2. The migration did not go smoothly and took longer than expected which delayed our plans, especially the Vault gRUPEE — RUPEE Lp. Do not worry though, it will be available very soon.

While waiting for us to migrate you were able to continue your operations from Goose Finance on V1, but this was obviously only a short-term solution.

Now we feel that it is time for us to migrate as well, however we will not be joining PancakeSwap V2.

Indeed, PancakeSwap V2 has increased its fees without…

Dear Hyruleans,

As you know, this week is going to be particularly busy and promises to be exciting both from a marketing and technical point of view.

Indeed, we’ve been working a lot on different things that we couldn’t tell you about yet, but now we’re happy to announce some things and others are still in progress and will come soon!

We know that the last few days have been quite complicated and that the market is not doing well at the moment, but we are confident that things will get better very soon, and we thank you again for…

Dear Hyruleans,

Many of you have asked us questions about the arrival of PancakeSwap V2. This migration will take place on Friday, April 23rd at 5AM UTC.

In order to help you to see more clearly, we decided to write a little overview of what will happen and how it could affect you on HyruleSwap.

What is PancakeSwap V2?

To make it short, it’s mostly a migration from 2 smart-contracts to 2 new, upgraded ones. In other words, PancakeSwap will create a new set of LP tokens and the PancakeSwap farms and exchange will support this new type instead of…

Dear Hyruleans 🏰,

Today I wanted to make a quick update on the marketing, because as you know the release of Vaults was the signal for a new marketing campaign and we are pleased to announce that it starts tomorrow :)

Indeed, recently we have been able to conclude several agreements with different major partners of the Binance Smart Chain and we cannot wait to tell you more about it!

We do not have the authorization to give you all the information about what is coming, that’s why we are sometimes quite vague. …

Dear Hyruleans,

Today we are going to talk to you about a very important subject for us:

Governance via the Golden RUPEE!

Indeed, as you know, one of our ambitions is to make Hyrule a community platform where everyone would have a voice.

So, we decided to use the Golden RUPEE as a means of expression to reward people who are really invested in the project.

How will this be implemented?

Quite simply, a ‘voting’ section will be created where you can propose or upvote different proposals.

Basically, a tool to create threads will be set up with different part…


Welcome to HyruleSwap ! The most exciting AMM and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain that takes place in the wonderful world of Hyrule.

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